Artistic Value

'Will you be my forever?’
This beautiful piece of digital art is a unique expression of love, designed for a unique couple. This is so much more than a greeting card, it’s an investment and a timeless memento. One of only six pieces available for sale in the collection, each one with it’s own individual features.
Because the card has been minted as an NFT then it offers an indisputable and  transferable proof of ownership within the blockchain.
Unlike any other greeting card it’s an incredible investment opportunity with the ability to be sold on or kept as a priceless investment for the future.
The timing of the sale provides an opportunity to enjoy a marriage proposal that can’t be repeated.
This card is the first in a line of collectible greeting cards with huge investment potential. The NFT space offers the possibility of recouping your initial investment at a profit through a resale option.

It's a one off piece of digital art from UK designer Katie Phythian.